[network security]Configure enterprise security using DNSSEC


DNSSEC is a DNS security function that authenticates traffic to domain name lookups. It does not give any privacy protections for lookups but stops attackers from modifying or poisoning the response to DNS requests.

Enter domain
Restart computer
resolve-DNS name DC.secure.CAST.com -server DNS-Server -dnssecok
mstsc /v:DC.secure.CAST.com
resolve-DNS name -name   secure.CAST.com.trustanchors -type dnskey -server DNS-Server
get-dnsservertrustanchor secure.CAST.com
  • Right-click secure.CAST.com and click Refresh. Ensure that trust anchors for secure.CAST.com are present. This process may take some time.
resolve-DNS name DC.secure.CAST.com   -server DNS-Server -dnssecok



Cloud security engineer https://www.linkedin.com/in/takahiro-oda-881423197/

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