[host security]How to monitor activities on a remote system using Spytech SpyAgent

You will understand how to monitor user activities remotely using Spytech and SpyAgent.

Why you need to know

Employees are given access to wire range of communication like Email. Many Employees are provided with a laptop computer and mobile phone they can take home and use for business outside the workplace. Whether an employees can reasonably expect privacy when using such company supplied device depends on the security policy the employer has put in place and made known to employees. As a network admin, you should know how to track and monitor activities of remote user in the org.

What is Spytech SpyAgent

It is powerful computer spy software that allows you to monitor everything users do on a computer. In total stealth. It provides a large range of essential computer monitoring features, as well as website, app and chat-client blocking, lockdown scheduling and remote delivery of logs via email or FTP.

Network topology



1:login Domain Controller

2:Open Remote Desktop Connection

3: Enter the IP address of Client (windows 10) which is

4:Once you type your password, you will see this prompt. Click yes

5:Now you logged in Client PC

6: To turn off windows security, search Windows security >Virus & threat protection >manage settings >turn off Real-time protection.

7: Install Spytech SpyAgent

8: Enter password in New Password

9: Choose Complete + Stealth Configuration

10: Choose Load on Windows Startup

11: Now you can see SpyAgent console

12: To track the general user activities, click Start Monitoring

13 Enter Password you decided.

14:Now close the remote connection.

15: Login Client

16: Perform some activities like type some text in the Notepad, to record the logs by SpyAgent. Then log off.

17: Now switch back to Domain Controller and Access Client (windows 10) remotely with remote desktop connection.

18: To bring SpyAgent out of stealth mode press CTRL+Shift+Alt+M on keyboard. SpyAgent will ask for Access Password.

19: To check user Keystrokes from keyboard, click keyboard&mouse on the SpyAgent GUI select View Keystrokes log.

20: SpyAgent logviewer windows appears, with logs recorded by the user as shown in the screenshot. Click notepad.exe to view what the user have performed.

In this way, you can view screenshots, program usage, chat&messages, and many other user activities on the user computer.


You learned how to monitor user activities remotely using Spytech SpyAgent.



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