Takahiro Oda
3 min readDec 30, 2021


You will learn how to encrypt data at rest

Why you need to know

Security engineers should ensure the security of data at rest through encryption mechanism. It helps them to prevent data from unauthorized access. Administrator may require encrypting data such as files, folders. As an administrator , you should know and handle various encryption tool used for encrypting data at rest.

What is VeraCrypt ?

VeraCrypt adds enhanced security to the algorithms used for system and partitions encryption, making it immune to new developments in brute-force attacks.

Network Topology


1: login Client

2: install VeraCrypt

3: Open VeraCrypt and Create Volume

4:Select Create an encrypted file container to create a file containing a virtual, encrypted disk and click next.

5:Select Standard VeraCrypt volume and next

6:Select File and navigate to Desktop, provide the File name as Demo and save


8:Select the AES encryption and SHA-512 and NEXT

9:Volume size = 2MB in this lab

10: Provide volume password

11:Select FAT filesystem, and set the cluster to Default. Move your mouse as randomly as possible for 30 sec. Then Format

12: Exit

13: The VeraCrypt main window, select a drive (F) and click Select File

14: Select Demo file on the Desktop.

15: Mount to mount encrypted file

16: Type password you created

17: After the password is verified, VeraCrypt will mount the volume. you can check from File Explorer to see Local Disk F shows up.

18: Create a text document in F drive and name it as test. Open the text document, enter some data and save it. After creating the file close all windows except VeraCrypt

19:Click Dismount and see F drive disappeared. In this way, you can encrypt and secure your data. Therefore, all sensitive info located on the encrypted volume is safe


You learned how to encrypt the data using VeraCrypt